Online sociability, and unsociability too, are products, as well as stimulators, of social interaction. Over the the next 30 days (Mon-Fri), from Jan 10-Feb 10, 2017 I will on my FB page (https://www.facebook.com/onlinesociabilityresearch/) be hosting an informal, free mini-course entitled “Understanding Social Interaction”.  Each post will present a bit of theory, a question to think about, and a link for further study.  Tagline:  “You can’t claim to get “the computer age” without understanding what social interaction is, how it is studied, and how it shapes, and is shaped, by social media.”

Tuesday Jan 10, 2017, is Day 1 and the topic will be “What is social interaction?”. Time to understand the basics of social interaction and I will pepper in some advanced ideas too!