My monograph book entitled Social Life and Political Life in the Era of Digital Media: Higher Diversities is now published.

It is a part of the series Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought.


“A central achievement of this book is to insist that, instead of rushing to analyze the surface effects of digital media, it is crucial first to contemplate the relationship between social life and political life. Toews masterfully scrutinizes this relationship by reinvigorating classical sociological thinkers such as Bergson, Simmel, and Tarde, and bringing them into dialogue with present-day theory and concerns. The result is a significant contribution to social theory.”

Christian Borch, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

“Employing an original relationalist interpretation of such thinkers as G. Deleuze and G. Tarde, David Toews discusses the effects of new social media on relations in a world characterized by social inequalities and new political phenomena like Trump’s presidency. Anybody interested by the metamorphoses of this world and social theories should read this text written by a skilled sociologist.”

Francois Dépelteau, Laurentian University, Canada.

“Digital media have transformed social and political life. Everyone is aware of this, but few have tried to understand this transformation in such a profound way as David Toews in this book. Avoiding the common practices of facile praise or condemnation, Toews mobilizes resources from the sociological tradition to provide a nuanced analysis of our new time.”

Peter Wagner, Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) and University of Barcelona, Spain.


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